What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is basically regular concrete with added color, texture, and/or patterns. Stamped concrete offers the durability of regular concrete with the added bonus of being attractive. It can be colored and textured to accentuate almost any landscape.

What are common uses of stamped concrete?

Common uses are patios, driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks, but there are many others.

Can I use stamped concrete for my pool deck?

Yes, stamped concrete is an excellent choice for pool decks. The ability to choose both a color and pattern/texture allows you to have a customized look that blends in well with your existing landscape. We have a good working relationship with all the pool installation companies in the area.

What colors are available in stamped concrete?

The great thing about stamped concrete (also called decorative concrete) is that there are many different color choices available. Most customers gravitate toward the grey, brown, red, & terracotta colors. You can see the full list of color options here.

What type of patterns can I choose?

You can choose a pattern to replicate brick, cobblestone, slate or maybe just a texture instead of a pattern. Glavas Decorative Concrete offers more pattern options than anyone in the Roanoke Valley. You can see the full list of pattern options here.

Do the colors fade?

No, our colors are guaranteed by the manufacturer not to fade. Colors may appear “faded” over time but a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer and an application of concrete sealer will bring the colors back to life.

Is it slippery?

It can be depending on the pattern/texture. Patterns that have less depth and texture are more prone to being slippery. There is, however, a concrete sealer additive that we can install if necessary. This additive has the consistency of fine sand and will greatly improve traction.

Will my concrete crack?

All concrete is prone to cracking. Glavas Decorative Concrete does several things to reduce random cracking. First we use welded wire mesh throughout the concrete. We then use proper saw cut placement techniques to basically tell the concrete where to crack and to avoid random cracking. We also use 4,000 PSI mix to guarantee high strength of concrete.

What is the maintenance?

To keep your stamped concrete looking good we recommend resealing your concrete every 2 years. This will protect against freeze/thaw cycles and restore the concrete to its original appearance.

Can I perform the maintenance myself?

Yes, most homeowners can reseal their own concrete. We recommend using commercial grade sealer which can be purchased from Glavas Decorative Concrete. Glavas also offers resealing services at a competitive price.

How much does it cost?

In the Roanoke and New River Valley, stamped concrete is very competitive in price with hardscape materials like stone, brick, cobblestones, slate, pavers, etc. It is the beauty of stamped concrete along with a relatively lower upfront cost and low maintenance cost that makes stamped concrete a very sensible choice.

Do you provide estimates over the phone?

No, we do not offer estimates over the phone. There are many factors that can affect the quoted price. These factors include the project location, accessibility to the site, the level of excavation needed for the proper grade, the amount of fill needed (if any), etc. We do, however, provide free on-site estimates. To schedule an estimate just fill out the “Request-A-Quote” form found here or call us at 387-2261.

Why should I use Glavas Decorative Concrete to install my project?

When installing decorative concrete, it is important to pay attention to detail. Everything from getting the right amount of color to stamping the concrete at just the right time to insure a consistent pattern throughout the pad requires experience. Glavas Decorative Concrete has this experience. We have been installing decorative concrete systems since 1995. We have more stamped concrete installations than anyone else in the area.

What questions should I ask of prospective contractors?

The most important thing is to ask is how much experience they have with decorative concrete. Are they primarily a stamped concrete installer or do they mainly install plain concrete? There is an art to decorative concrete that mainly comes from experience. Some companies offer stamped concrete installation; however, that is not their main business.

Another thing to ask for is references. Can they show you some of their prior work or let you talk to some of their customers? Also, you can talk to local contractors and see who they would recommend for decorative concrete.

Do you provide references?

We believe the only way to do business is to do everything we can to please our customers. Satisfied customers are our biggest source of new business. We will be glad to provide you contact information with some of our customers. We can also give you some addresses to drive by to see our work in person. Here is a small list of some of our testimonials.

When we give you a quote we can also show you photos of some of our prior work. A small sample of previous work can be seen here.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are Virginia Class A contractors and we carry workers comp insurance and business liability insurance.